• Roksoliana Stasenko Nationale Iwan-Franko-Universität Lwiw
Ключові слова: stereotype, Jew, Jewish people, Galicia, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch


This article reconstructs the stereotypical image of the Jews in the belles lettres of the Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Stereotypes are considered as general prejudiced opinions regarding the representatives of particular nations, peoples or social groups which are realized in the form of syntagmas and have their specific language markers. In the article, some classifications of stereotypes are represented that typify them from both linguistic and sociological perspectives. A lot of stereotypes arise regarding those people or ethnic groups who, as a result of certain historical and social events, were forced to leave their homeland and to live among other nations and cultures. Such people are among others Jews who for centuries lived throughout Europe and outside its borders. They represented a relatively large proportion of the population (about 11%) in the multicultural Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, which was from 1772 to 1918 under the rule of the Dual Danube Monarchy. The writer Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch came from Galicia, was interested in Jewish life and culture and dedicated a number of works to portraying these people. He represents Jews as wise, devout, sympathetic and benevolent people, who trade, love their family members, please God and enjoy living in peace and freedom. Stereotypical appearance, as well as stereotypical features of the character of Jews, are specified in his works. Also, the author emphasizes the deep religiosity of Jewish people, which largely determined their way of life, activities, and actions. It has been found that stereotypes usually involve different aspects of human life, such as ethnic, religious, gender and social aspects and rarely occur in homoforms. Stereotypes about a particular social group are usually generalized under one representative in the form of the collective singular, which automatically characterizes the other representatives of the group.


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Stasenko, R. (2019). STEREOTYPICAL IMAGE OF THE JEWS BASED ON THE WORSK OF LEOPOLD VON SACHER-MASOCH. Львівський філологічний часопис, (5), 140-146.