Requirements to abstract

Dear authors!

The total size of the abstract should not be less than 1800 characters (with keywords) (headset "Times New Roman", size 10, line spacing 1; with paragraph - 1.0 cm)

Annotation structure and content:

Introduction - The Problem
Purpose - Ariicle's Purpose
Methods - Research Methods
Results - The main results of the study
Conclusion - Conclusions and specific suggestions of the author

The results should be described accurately and informatively. The main theoretical and experimental results, actual data, identified relationships and patterns are presented. In doing so, preference is given to new results and data of long-term value, important discoveries, conclusions that refute existing theories, as well as data that, in the author's opinion, have practical significance.

The conclusions can be accompanied by the recommendations, estimates, suggestions, hypotheses described in the article.

Annotation text should use the keywords in the article text.

Annotation text should be concise and clear, free from minor information, unnecessary introductory words, general and minor formulations.

The abstract in English should be written in good quality and certified by an English specialist (translator).