• B. Wiśniewski Police Academy in Szczytno
Keywords: threat, security, organization, law, crisis management, emergency states


The article presents considerations regarding the issues of state security management in crisis situations and states of emergency in the context of organized actions. During the research and presentation of the results, a system approach has been utilized, because it turned out to be very useful for practical reasons. Only such an approach creates the possibility for a mechanism to organize the state of knowledge about security. This technique was also picked for the reason that the determinants of the system approach are the features of all activities subjected to supervision of security attainment and maintenance, such as: anticipation, adaptation, purposefulness of action, and focus on development, which are the properties of the system approach. A procedure that still remains a modern way of practical action. The system approach was supported by its features such as: holism, comprehensiveness, essentialism, structuralism, contextualism, teleologism, functionality, efficiency, synergism and development. During the research, the method of source analysis has been used, where the key issue was the analysis of the factual subject matter contained in the source materials, legal acts, scientific and popular science literature. The conducted research indicates that the level of threat determines the use of crisis management and emergency state solutions. Threats that are characterized by limited predictability and dynamic volatility. The research results lead to the conclusion that in the interests of the efficiency, the state is introducing a number of legal and organizational solutions, referring to, among others, crisis management and administration of the state in conditions of emergency. The characteristic feature of the above mentioned solutions is cooperation. Its universality means that it is not always possible to notice its occurrence. Usually, cooperation is mentioned in situations of spectacular activities, apart from the perma-nent, "ordinary" intermingling of the activities of various institutions. The legal and organizational solutions mentioned above take the form of organized undertakings, exceedingly useful in all efforts to provide security of the state. Research also indicates that proper organization of state security system activities is a basic condition for an acceptable level of non-risk to the state as an organization and its components and, above all, citizens.


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Wiśniewski, B. (2020). MANAGEMENT IN CRISIS AND EMERGENCY SITUATIONS AS A MANIFESTATION OF ORGANIZED ACTIONS. Bulletin of Lviv State University of Life Safety, 21, 24-31.