• L. Dzyuba Lviv State university of life safety
  • Kh. Lishchynska Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy
  • A. Somyk Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy
Keywords: rod, rod construction, longitudinal force, stretching, compression, static tension, durability


The need for special saving devices arises during emergency response. Such situations are connected with rescuing of people or animals from deep narrow holes or even from under blockages of constructions. By using the saving devices the cargo raising on a certain height is possible if other ways of delivery are absent. Main structural elements of saving devices are three rod pillars. Top ends of rods are connected in a mounting knot. Often the saving device is equipped with the winch. The winch could be fasten to one of the rod pillars or have individual placing. Rescuing devices differ in a type of a rod design (straight or a slopy plane), loading capacity, rods production material, type of rods connection, a possibility of using on slopes with pillars location in the different planes, modifications of winches, compactness during transportation. There is a big variety of rescuing devices, however in the market of Ukraine offer mostly straight rod rescuing devices. Therefore there is a need for creation of design and durability checking of the slopy rod rescuing device which could be applied to carrying out rescue operations from bridges, buildings and other constructions. In this work it is performed an estimation of durability of a design of the slopy rod rescuing device. It is considered three cases of the support pillars placement. The first case is when pillars of the slopy rescuing device are placed in one horizontal plane. The second case - the longest rod pillar is placed on a ledge. The third case - two shorter rod pillars are placed on a ledge. For each of these cases it is established a type of deformation of rods of the saving device. Construction rods are stretching or compression during work are and loaded with longitudinal forces. From the stretching durability condition the cross section of steel rods is picked up.


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Dzyuba, L., Lishchynska, K., & Somyk, A. (2020). VALUATION OF DURABILITY OF ROD PILLARS OF THE SLOPY RESCUING DEVICE. Bulletin of Lviv State University of Life Safety, 21, 67-72.