• M. Labach Lviv State university of life safety
Keywords: linguistic and cultural personality, thought-creating function of language, diglossia, slang, jargon, humanities, concenter, higher school, formation of personality, didactic utilitarism


The article substantiates the relevance of the problem of forming a linguistic and cultural personality at a higher school, although this problem is not new. Obviously, the strategies used before were either ineffective or not very actively implemented into practice. A closer look at the problem allows actualizing it, finding those aspects that were obviously not taken into account, and, therefore, focusing on them. Emphasis is put on the subjects that have the strongest potential in the formation of a linguistic and cultural personality. It is emphasized that the majority of the citizens of our state and young people, including those who were formed by our secondary school and later become students of higher schools, unfortunately have a misconception about the functions of their native language: they believe that its main function is communicative, they do not sometimes know about others. Hence the lack of understanding of the role of language in the formation of consciousness, intelligence, and worldview in general, and these factors are of global importance for understanding the security, strategic, and nation-building significance of the native language. The common phenomenon of diglossia is emphasized, the reasons caused it are pointed out, and the features of a high-level linguistic and cultural personality that everyone can develop in themselves to avoid diglossic situations are characterized. Such phenomena as jargon and slang are widespread among young people, and most of those who use them are convinced that only Russian vocabulary can be used in these forms of language. The Ukrainian language, developing as a living organism, serves the needs of different strata of the population, has a rich vocabulary and virtually unlimited possibilities, can undoubtedly be used to create surzhik and slang concepts - this is a normal process of language development, indicating its versatility and unlimited capacity. Emphasis is placed on the formation of a linguistic and cultural personality while teaching technical disciplines.


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Labach, M. (2020). ON THE ISSUE OF FORMING A LINGUISTIC AND CULTURAL PERSONALITY AT A HIGHER SCHOOL. Bulletin of Lviv State University of Life Safety, 21, 113-118. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.32447/20784643.21.2020.14